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Established in early 2001, by two long-time consultants who shared a common vision, the Business Performance Collaborative is a Massachusetts-based consulting firm helping clients with planning, performance management, business integration and global system solutions. . The BPC develops pragmatic business solutions built on a solid project management infrastructure combining our skills and knowledge of best practices with your team's internal expertise. We don't attack business issues from the standpoint of standard solutions or proprietary methodology. Our simple focus on your success sets us apart. The BPC is organized to maximize flexibility in deploying consulting teams with targeted proficiencies. With a network of over 20 senior-level consultants, the BPC is prepared to address a wide array of business challenges. Our consultants have an average of over 15 years of direct consulting or related management experience. Our mix of diverse experience, combined with a network of skilled consultants, provide a business model that ensures the capability to address the full range of client needs in a responsive, cost-effective manner.

Our philosophy of working with clients is anchored on four key principles:
Collaboration – Tangible performance improvement requires a combination of skills working collaboratively toward consistent, well-communicated objectives. The diverse talent from the BPC network and from within the client organization an create the perfect collaborative environment.
Objectivity – Experience shows that the presenting problem is often just a symptom of a hidden, root-cause issue. Our approach is systemic in nature, with assessment work designed to identify the levers that will have the greatest positive, long-term impact our client’s specific situation. 
Applied Learning – Our clients’ resources are included as an integral part of the project team. Our explicit goal is to transfer knowledge and techniques to our clients to ensure long-term success and self-sufficiency.  This approach leads to more pragmatic solutions and combines a professional development experience with business improvement.
Flexibility -- Depending on our clients’ needs, we develop project arrangements from "advisory only" to full project management and staffing.


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