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  • Strategy development and articulation

  • Strategic planning workshops

  • Group facilitation/team building

  • Strategy mapping

  • Scenario planning and busienss modeling

  • Workforce planning

Performance Management


  • Driver-based planning

  • Rolling forecast

  • Beyond Budgeting assessment and implementation

  • Activity-based analysis/costing

  • KPI and Balanced Scorecard

  • Product/Service profitability

  • Customer/Channel profitability

Business Integration


  • Business process transformation

  • Change management

  • Communications planning

  • Merger integration

  • Business case development

  • Project review and coaching



  • Software selection

  • Program/project management

  • Roll-out design and execution

  • Systems integration selection

  • Implementation management

  • Outsourcing strategies/selections

  • Project Review and coaching

We focus on providing business services in four key, and related areas: planning, performance management, business integration and global systems. Within these domains, we assist companies in the design, development, and deployment of comprehensive planning, measurement busienss process and system solutions.

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