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Wayne Daigle

Managing Director

BPC Consulting

Wayne brings over 25 years of experience as a former Senior Manager with Arthur Andersen, former world wide director of Andersen's Finance Business Solutions Team and Director of Business Consulting for Servicesoft Inc. – a software firm specializing in web-based e-service customer service solutions. In 2001, along with a long-time colleague, he founded the Business Performance Collaborative to provide pragmatic business solutions built and delivered by a diverse network of seasoned senior-level consultants.


Wayne is a results-driven and metric-focused management consultant with extensive experience in strategy development, business planning, integration, finance transformation, corporate performance management, managing change initiatives and salvaging derailed implementation projects. Possesses the kind of insight required to get to the root of business problems, and is not afraid to call a problem, a problem while offering actionable, sustainable solutions.


Typically his clients are struggling to address the business challenges associated with high growth, transforming industries, merger integration or poorly designed cost and process structures. He has found that these issues, combined with the organizational resistance experienced with transformational change, often result in the misapplication of technology solutions and and inappropriate use management information. His business integration/improvement approach involves a significant emphasis on cross-functional, cross-SBU involvement in the change/transformation process.


He is a world-class facilitator with deep experience in navigating complex group dynamic situations to surface the root causes and develop practical cross-functional solutions. He brings a specific competence in designing and orchestrating large-format interventions involving personnel from diverse with often conflicting objectives within the company.


Development of Standard Costing Strategy – Start-up Pharmaceuticals CompanyLed the transition of start-up Pharmaceuticals Company from actual to standard inventory costing. This transition allowed for more efficient recording of inventory transactions and capitalization of specific overhead costs into inventory. Project consisted of the development of costing layers and activity-based OH allocation rates as well as the development of processes and tools to record inventory movement, cost variances and manage inventory costs.


Implementation of Activity-Based Costing System – Leading Healthcare Service OrganizationLed the client/consultant team through the implementation of a driver-based activity-based costing system (i.e. ABC). Project included the development of driver-based cost allocation methodologies for over 400 cost centers, the design of driver data feeds from operational systems to feed the the ABC model, and facilitation of executive level workshops to drive the use of the model output in day-to-day decision making. During the course of the project, our team was solicited to provide real-time support to assist the management team to assess strategic opportunities including a significant business combination.


Financial Systems Implementation — $8 Billion Retail Company Led a 20+ client team through the design and implementation of an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system GL, A/P, Invoicing, A/R. System implementation required a significant amount of custom integration software development testing and implementation, with internal business process and organizational change. Project involved navigating significant strategic, process, and internal client organizational issues from top management to office clerk level. Implementation involved taking the team through requirements definition, solution design, issues resolution, unit and systems testing and roll-out preparation and training.


Supply-chain Transformation – $8 Billion Retail CompanyLed a multi-functional team through a supply-chain strategy transformation process resulting in the implementation of transformational changes including, application of scanning technology for receiving and ordering, automating ordering based on sales, inventory movement, and seasonality cycles and the transitioning of inventory costing to a weighted-average/item-based costing method. Project invollved several fundamental changes to business process, data management/information systems and personnel responsibilities.


Strategic Development and Business Planning — $100M Services CompanyFacilitated the development of corporate strategy and strategic initiatives. Project included working closely with the corporate executives to develop mission and high level corporate objectives, validation with external market sources, development of corporate initiatives linked to strategic objectives, key measurements, and the development of strategy document and board presentation strategy. Project also included the development of a rolling quarterly strategic review process integrated with the regular quarterly operational reporting processes. Project included facilitating executive management through the strategic planning process through two biennial strategic planning cycles.


Planning Process – 400+ Store Convenience Store Chain -- Planned and led the management team of a closely-held chain of convenience store chain through a series of planning sessions to reset the current company strategy, and establish a revised planning and forecasting process. Project involved facilitating the management team through a series of sessions where opportunities were identified, assessed and prioritized, planning and managing market analysis, and acquisition assessment and designing a flexible rolling-planning calendar to ensure effective governance and accountability.


Time and Attendance System Design – Large International AirlineConducted the functional design of a time-and-attendance system for major national airline. Project included conducting focus groups with system users to define complex work rules and system requirements and translation of union agreements into programmable work rules. In addition to defining the system functional requirements, the project surfaced many critical policy issues that had previously gone unaddressed.


Payroll and Time and Attendance Design and Implementation -- $10B International Industrial ManufacturerConducted the detailed design of a shared service center concept for a large multinational manufacturer’s US payroll, human resources, and benefits processes. Project included development and management of a multi-disciplined client team to develop functional design of the center, process development, procedural and policy development, vendor selection and management, and payroll/time and attendance/human resources system design and implementation.


Product development — $100M Services CompanyDirected a cross-functional client team in the development of new software product for a $100M services company. Project included facilitating the product concept with company executives, detailed product design, market analysis, administering customer and industry focus groups, assessing and selection of an off-shore outsourced software development vendor, pricing and financial modeling and the development of a comprehensive business plan presented to the board of directors.


Outsourced Payroll/HRIS System Implementation – $100M Services Company Conducted the design and systems implementation of a company’s nationwide accounts payable, payroll, time and attendance and human resources processes. Project included conduct of vendor selection and implementation of a distributed payroll/human resources and time-and-attendance system for client's nationwide operations. Involved facilitation of solution design with client and outsourcing vendors, third-party time-and-attendance software vendors, and human resources services stakeholders.


Payroll and Human Resources Systems Implementation — $8 Billion Retail Company Led a 15+ client team through the design and implementation of an remotely hosted Payroll/Human Resource system for the company's 6,500 employees. Implementation required a significant amount of custom integration, and custom software development in addition to significant internal business process, organizational and policy change. Project included the assessment of outsourcing services related to new recruitment and resume production services as well as SLA negotiation support.


Professional Services Product Development— $500M Software Developer Directed the development of a professional services certification program for a large Software Developer. Project included industry analysis, conducting interviews with prospective partner candidates, development of initial program design and development of several strategic-level recommendations with key internal stakeholders. Project included the development of a competency-based framework for partner candidate's certification.


Activity-based costing system implementation – Large Regional BankParticipated as a member of a consulting team to implement an enterprise-wide activity-based costing system and was responsible for developing the costing assumptions to be built into the system for 3 divisions. Project involved significant interaction and coordination among disparate levels and personnel within the client company.


Supply-chain Assessment – $8 Billion Retail CompanyLed a multi-functional team through a supply-chain strategy development process resulting in the articulation of several transformational changes including, application of scanning technology for receiving and ordering, automating ordering based on sales, inventory movement, and seasonality cycles and the transitioning of inventory costing to a weighted-average/item-based costing method.


Administrative Process Review – Fast-growing not-for-profit Directed a review of the administrative processes of a fast-growing not-for-profit organization. Project included comprehensive review of the internal effect of changes made in company strategy and organizational structure on administrative process, performance management, systems structure, and knowledge-management infrastructure. Project resulted in several spin-off projects to implement the recommendations along with a systems-selection and development initiative.


Merger Integration -- Large, Regional Non-Profit Organization Directed and project managed the integration of two regional non-profits located in the Northeast. Project included, managing internal and external communications, development of integration strategies, back office transaction flow, systems integration, organizational integration and role development, and change management.


Customer Satisfaction Survey and Assessment -- $100M Time and Attendance Manufacturer Conducted a customer-satisfaction survey for a national time-and-attendance software vendor. Project included development of customer selection criteria, selection of customer visit sites, and development and delivery of survey questionnaire and interview protocol. Project resulted in client’s surfacing of major issues in product functionality, marketing strategy, installation processes, and evaluation of customer expectations.

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